The Middletown Fire Department (CT) has purchased two TL-9 devices to add to our rescue cache.  We are currently building another apparatus and will  be equipping it with our third  TL-9.  We are very pleased with the quality and functionality of this product.  The TL-9 offers our organization a myriad of options during rescue emergencies. The owners of the company were knowledgeable went out of their way to support our initial training with their product.   I would highly recommend this product to any organization that is considering a purchase.

Jay Woron / Assistant Fire Chief / Middletown Fire Department
Middletown, Connecticut


The TL-9 has changed the way Fire/ Rescue personnel view incidents where vehicles or objects need to be lifted in a rapid but safe manner.   This tool is easily the most innovative quick lifting device to enter the Fire/Rescue market since airbags.  The TL-9 is both faster and safer than a typical air bag operation.  

Michael Camperlengo / Assistant Chief / Town of Stratford Fire Department
Stratford, Connecticut


The Meriden Fire Department purchased a TL-9 and after training with Tony and Paul the unit was placed in service. The TL-9 is simple,quick and safe to use, it makes lifting with hydraulic spreaders a superior option. We will certainly be purchasing another unit in the near future.  

Ryan Dunn / Meriden Fire Department 
Meriden, Connecticut


The Danbury CT Fire Department was an early user of the TL-9.On April 3, 2017, we were one of the first to use the TL-9 at an actual incident; a truck struck a motorcycle, pinning the rider between the two. The crew deployed the TL-9 and Hurst tool, immediately freeing the man to be treated by EMS. Since that time we have used the TL-9's (we own a few) for various other scenarios where a vehicle needs to be lifted. We are glad to be on the TL-9 team.

Bernie Meehan / Deputy Chief / Danbury Fire Department
Danbury, Connecticut
The TL-9 is a long overdue breakthrough that fills a void in rapid extrication scenarios.  It’s simple, safe, functional, rugged, and most important- it works perfectly for what it’s intended to do!

Michael J. Farrell / Captain, Retired / Waterbury Fire Department (1988-2013) / Rescue Company Captain 1999-2005 
Currently Torrington Fire Department, Connecticut & Fire Academy Adjunct Instructor


We introduced new members to TL-9, did a dual lift. I will be planning more drills. We showed TL-9 “kits” with various platforms to use on soft / muddy ground, that can also be held in place by pickets. Collaboration between departments especially if many departments may be called to cover other towns during large scale incidents or disasters.

Ray Nobes


The TL9's innovative design allows for a quick, efficient and safer lifting of vehicles using hydraulic spreaders. Absolute game changer for the fire service.

Sean Barry

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