1 - Will it fit my spreader?

Yes! We have a device designed for every spreader on the market.


2 - How much does it cost?  

The cost is based on a specific dealer price. Very strict parameters are placed on the dealers as far as mark up goes.


3 - Is there a warranty?

Yes! The units are warrantied for life. You buy it once.


4 - Have you had any push back from the manufacturers of the rescue tools?

No. we currently have distributors from virtually every single manufacturer on the market.


5 - Do you ship world-wide?

Yes we do, and we have. We actively pursue the most affordable options when we ship to foreign countries. And we are familiar with the paper work associated with these transactions.


6 - Do you provide training?

Yes!! In our local area , we will do the training ourselves where possible. Also, our distributors can provide training as well. We also have some very comprehensive training videos on our web site which can be extremely helpful before operating the spreader with the device.


7 - Will you travel if necessary to provide training?

Yes! But there are associated costs with this operation


8 - Is the device universal?

No, the device is built to provide 1/8th inch of clearance when the spreader is in the device. So essentially, it is built specifically for the tool in which it will be used

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